Jerico Gonzalez
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1 month ago
Los Angeles, CA, USA
7.00โ€ / 17.78 cm Wrist
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commented on Once per month... ยท

thank you!

commented on Once per month... ยท

what reference is this

commented on New life for a small watch ยท

monster crown. love it

commented on An Epiphany in Collecting Philosophy? ยท

whereโ€™s the flieger from?

commented on Weekend Shots ยท

living my dream. enjoy it๐Ÿซก

commented on Whatโ€™s your type? ยท

that sinn is definitely more of a pilotโ€™s watch imo

commented on Steel Bezels. I want all of them. ยท

the nivada grenchen depthmaster is another goodie