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New Tudor purchase!!

Picked up the black Bay Pro today on the strap. I have tried this on with the NATO and bracelet over the past couple months, but this is the first tim...

Thoughts on Breitling using third party movements? Bad value or easy to service solid movement?

I have been looking at Breitling recently, mostly the superocean 42mm and the AVI chronograph. Both are stunning looking watches that I really love th...

Too big?

I am looking on getting a new watch in the near future. I have looked at this IWC a couple of times and I love the look of it. There at times I think...

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commented on Calling all Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic ownersโ€ฆ ยท

I have own the 38mm in black for about 5 years and not having AR coating has never been an issue for me. Also the loom is something else a lot of YouTubers talk about, but even though it is not diver strength loom I have always been able to read the watch in low light settings.

commented on Anyone familiar with this brand? ยท

I have one Aragon watch, but not this model. I would describe this brand as an independent Invicta. They have some decent value pieces, but most of their collection not worth your time. The have a lot of watches that are oversized 45mm to 50mm and in my option kinda gaudy. They also seem to use the tactic of their watches are always on sale, again similar to Invicta. I own their divemaster 42 watch. It is a 42 mm dive watch with ceramic bezel insert and flat sapphire crystal, Seiko movement for about $150. It is thick, but never had any issues and it is a good beater watch for when I am out paddle boarding. I would buy the watch again, but you couldn't pay me to wear most of their stuff.

commented on Seiko Servicing advice ยท

I have been having a similar issue with my Seiko baby alpinist, but mine runs slow 2 to 3 minutes per day. My AD tells me the warranty should cover it but I have not send it back yet. Hope you can find someone reliable to work on yours.

commented on Easy poll right? ยท

Bought the Black Bay Pro late last year and absolutely love it.

commented on Does a Watch Brand's Heritage Impact Your Purchase Decision? ยท

This may be the toughest poll to answer on here, but I went with history and heritage due to my opinion the brands with the most history usually also have the best quality and reliability.

commented on Rubber or Steel ยท

I had the same dilemma with the exact same Omega and went with the bracelet.

commented on Which one to pick? ยท

I have both Omega and Tudor in my collection, but between these two I would go with the railmaster hands down.

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