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Watch Shop Recommendations for Stockholm

I鈥檓 going to be visiting Stockholm soon. Any watch shops you would recommend to visit while I am there?

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commented on Watch Shop Recommendations for Stockholm

Thank you for the suggestions.

commented on My 2023 SOTC - Peace and Balance

Thanks for your comment. I went back-and-forth on which watch to purchase from AnOrdain. Ultimately I chose the one that I thought I would wear the most. The Parisian blue looks beautiful, but I wanted a fume dial, and the blue fume wasn't quite the shade of blue that I wanted. Ultimately I'm really happy with the Payne's gray that I ordered. And I think it fits my overall aesthetic quite well. Definitely try on some watches from SUF. I love his 180 collection. Mine gets the most wear in my collection. It's just so comfortable and easy to wear. And a SUF is pretty much a must-have if you鈥檙e a Finn. 馃槈

commented on My 2023 SOTC - Peace and Balance

Thanks. I will definitely keep that in mind. Weather here this morning was -30C, so might be a few months before I turn back to outdoor sports.

commented on My 2023 SOTC - Peace and Balance

I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to sector dials. Like everything to do with my watch collection, I just choose what feels right. They are all pretty comparable in terms of specs or matching an outfit.

commented on Collection plans for 2024

A gorgeous collection. I can't help but be excited by those three empty slots and what they might bring in 2024. 馃榾

commented on My Collection so far

Love your collection. Lots of great pieces. Thank you for sharing. What can you tell me about the small the amber and jade watches in the second picture. I've never seen anything quite like them before.

commented on SOTC 2023

Really nice collection. I love a linen dial and have been sorely tempted by a few vintage models recently. Looking forward to seeing where your collection goes next.

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