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Watch related stuff

Ok I thought watches were addictive. But there鈥檚 more to it than cases and movements. And it might be an even bigger problem. Finding myself navigating through other watch-y things, who else is hoardi...
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I didn't know this

1860: Panerai opens for business but Italy is not a unified nation yet.

I didn't know this

1955 - Vacheron Constantin presents the thinnest ever manually wound movement: 1,64mm. For reference:聽 Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari鈥檚 caliber is 1,1...

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commented on From #FieldWatchFriday with coffee, moving on to #WineNWatches Friday evening 馃槀

Have you tried Dolcetto&pain su chocolat?! 馃く

commented on Ooh, shiny!

鈥 Ooh, shiny 鈥 should be WC鈥檚 motto.

commented on 馃毃NWA馃毃 I have been dying to tell you all this story

That鈥檚 a one of a kind experience for a unique watch! 馃敟 it already came with a story and memories!! Brilliant!

commented on Watch related stuff

It could even have been boots!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀 ok but books are better manageable than boots! I am relieved for you and wifey!

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400 boots?! Well that IS a lot! 馃槰

commented on Watch related stuff

RIGHT?!?!?! 馃槶waaaayyy harder!!

commented on Watch related stuff

Good for you!! You see! One step at a time!! 馃槃

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I didn't know this

A little fun fact, to put things in perspective - Rolex was founded closer in time to the first watch sold by Casio than to the creation of JLC.

Really, Italy, really?

Possible pointless post ahead. I鈥檝e been browsing around WC only to find there just a tiny handful of Italians active here. Is it really the case? How...

I don鈥檛 want to sell, but I think I will in the end. Or will I?

Burning dilemma growing on me. I鈥檒l make it short. A few years ago a family watch was passed down to me. I totally respected the piece, and proudly wo...

How to get yourself a Rolex

This gentlemen is smiling cause he got himself a Rolex. The easy way. 馃ぃ


Guess who鈥檚 been changing straps for the weekend?!鈥︷煡笽鈥檇 better get more quick release bars.

Ways to wear a Tank

With a bracelet on the same wrist Nothing on the other Pair it with 1,5 kilos of pearls Stop ironing your clothes You鈥檒l be fine, you鈥檙e sporting a Ta...