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Summary: It is an interesting-looking watch that appears in the marketing to have a date, a moonphase, and an overlay starfield as complications, but...

Skmei 2116

1.8 Avg. Score

How Not Bad Is The AE-1200

Pros: 5 alarms are 1 time or repeat, big enough numbers, countdown timer, buttons are sturdy but not too tough, can survive any swim, moddable. Cons:...

Experiments in lume

It's my first day with lume pigment and I've already destroyed my 200h, (though the full face lume looked lovely) and failed to make a royale and an a...

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commented on Is it just me ?

I see what you're saying. I don't mind it, but I tend to like things a little crazy, so

commented on Is there a dollar limit that you will not by a used watch? If so, what鈥檚 the max limit you set for yourself?

My limit is much lower than 250

commented on What's the one thing you hate most about your favorite watch?

No alarm. No countdown timer. To be fair I got it for the lights, and it has 30 of them, so I'm satisfied, but still

commented on "Will Buying One of Your $10,000 Watches Make Me Happy?"

No Casio. Weird.

commented on Question re: Casio G5600/5610 series

I assume since you haven't mentioned a use, that mainly you are just look for the time? If so 5610, if something more I would go a different direction, since setting timers/time on both of these g shock squares can be tough because of button(s)

commented on Best summer/Beach watches among these? I can only take three on my 5 day trip.WHICH THREE WOULD YOU TAKE?

2 Casio octagons and that green one. Enjoy the beach!

commented on I don't see how anyone can do 1 watch only.

I like that you made a list. Its a good list. Mine would be something like, digital/practical, digital/supercomplicated, art, toy, junk, analog quartz, solar, mechanical, and issued by james bond's q for clever purposes. I don't have all of those, nor do I want all of them, and I'm probably missing one or 2 categories

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Have you noticed your G-shock square auto light glitches? Review

This GWM-5610 is a feature-rich forum favorite with a very good outward appearance out of the bag to match its reputation for reliability and usabilit...

Casio G-Shock GWM-5610

2.8 Avg. Score

Is Casio's MRW-200H-7 lumed better than any other Casio in its sub-product range?

Many minutes ago I asked the question on this forum that I am still asking: will this watch fill my lume desires? Only night will tell how well this f...

MRW 200H-7 & Am I facing a dusk of collecting desire, and if so does my final watch need better lume?

So... I've long had a low level inferiority complex about the lume on my watches. Why, I ask, does Casio not lume the heck out of one or two budget an...

Any wrist watches with excess LEDs that you like?


How many years will my solar battery last?

If you have owned a solar powered quartz and the battery died, how many years did it last? My Eco-drive is about 25 years old and its still going (although it has never kept good time when out of the...
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"The Toaster"

Looks like an old model Cylon! Has monthly and daily alarms! Weird pinball high score data storage feature very unnetworked!