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Thoughts on restoration...

Last year I serviced my grandfather watch because it was not used for ages and it looked it was exposed to moisture... I took it to a watch repair sho...

Rolex Datejust 15203 as Beautiful Inside than Outside 馃槏

Love to service this Rolex Datejust 15203 with the beautiful caliber 3135 inside. Always a pleasure to repair a Rolex watch as it is as beautiful insi...

Probably the BEST restoration video I've seen

Hello Watch Friends I was scrolling through YouTube last night and found this video - This $25,000 Rolex Explorer Was Exposed to Seawater! - YouTube t...

The HERO is back!

Today I received a new watch in my collection. The famous HERO; DW5200C, from 1984. This watch belonged to a friend for long years; without bezel and...

1970 Timex Viscount Restoration + Service

Haven't posted in a while! I'm delighted to announce that I recently serviced a professional watchmaker's dread: Working a vintage Timex movement 馃槶 I'...

Restoration / Preservation or a true puzzle game? 馃З

As collector we should be grateful when we find a vintage watch in perfectly condition. But sometimes or the mostly part we will need to do something...

Helping out a workmate

Recently I started talking to a coworker of mine about watches because he noticed I was wearing a different one almost every day. So after some chitch...

Possibility of restoring this watch

Would it be possible to remove the rust on the dial and the scratches on the case without it costing a fortune? (P.S. - Not my watch. I saw this for s...

Found this

Found this watch on the side of a road. Do you think this is an expensive watch?


How would you clean this dial? I read somewhere that Lemon juice is an option when cleaning dials. How would you clean it?