Did I make the right choice?

Several days after our death in the family (my dog Mac 馃様) my wife and I decided to push through with our plans to spend a long weekend in Bali.

I decided for some reason to only bring one watch with me. I decided on my trusty Seiko SKX013, which can handle the beach, the pool or any other situation I might throw at it. Plus, I don't have to worry about anyone wanting to steal it.

Good choice? What's your go-to sports watch?


Great choice.

My choice is this

Cos it's big and ugly like me.

Enjoy the break 馃憤


My condolences for your dog.

That SKX is wonderful for a trip.

My go to sports watch are divers with an adjustable clasp. Good water resistance, and versatile 馃憤

Sorry for your loss 馃檹

Great watch choice IMO. I'd choose my citizen ny0040 which is kind of a similar one

Indonesia is a fantastic getaway and that watch is a great choice. Enjoy your trip!

Good choice, me myself always bring an orient kamasu for the go to sport watch, also hello from indonesian 馃槂

Solid choice. The SKX is practically bulletproof.

Condolences 馃А Dogs are like family and we share your pain. Best wishes to you and your wife.

I take this along on all my adventures. I insure my watches and don't look back.


Condolences, we also just lost a long time dog who was an important part of our family. Glad you are traveling. I use a GS GMT; looks good, has two time zones and stands up to anything.


Sorry to hear about your furry friend. I don鈥檛 know how you get away traveling with only one watch! I need at least 2 to 3, but for sporting parts of my trips I usually go with:


My vacation beater is a Seiko 5 鈥渄iver鈥 but with push/pull crown I don鈥檛 take it in the water. It鈥檚 my only Day/Date which I like on vacations since the days left can get away from me.