Building a Beater Collection Pt 8

I was going to post one of these per day until done, but we're going out of town in three days and there would have been a 2 week gap before the series was done, so I'm playing hurry-up.

Anyway, if you've seen the previous posts, you'll know that by now I was deep in the throes of watch wanting. Not really collecting, in the sense of having rare or valuable pieces or anything, just wanting a relatively small assortment of watches that speak to me.

In that vein, how could I resist the Casio Royale?

It's a funky little futuristic throwback with awesome features, an even more awesome price, and it comes with free arm hair depilation.

I keed, I keed - the bracelet doesn't pull my hairs very much. Except occasionally when it does. But what doesn't kill us, right?

Octopussy sucking aside, it is a pretty cool looking watch. The world time function is great, as seen above, and honestly it does everything my more expensive G-Shocks do. Just in a more fragile way.

For anyone considering buying one, know that the bracelet is a pain to remove links from, but you'll get the hang of it. The clasp makes up for this a bit, as it has four micro-adjust settings, much better than clasps on some more expensive watches I own.

I've seen the $100+ metal upgrade kits but I don't really see the point. I like that it's a cheap watch that will probably get a bit beat-up looking.

It isn't quite as accurate over the course of a few weeks as my other (more expensive and more modern) digital watches are, but it does better than my NH35A-equipped automatics (which don't suck either).


And people in coffee shops etc notice this watch and ask questions about it. So bonus points for that. At least my wrist is cool.

Next time, going in a different direction.




Those inexpensive metal casio bracelets are such a pain to resize! That's a real fun watch