Building a Beater Collection Pt 12

Well, this series has reached the end, at least for now. Nine watches is really quite a lot. But I did pick up this nice-for-the-price Rothwell case which holds twelve. And as I always have one of these on my wrist or on the bedside table, that gives me four empty spaces.

Taunting me.

Urging me to make bad decisions.

We're about to be in Paris and Vienna, and I might just wander into some watch shops if the opportunity presents. No AP or Cartier, but Junkers and Junghans are very appealing. Or maybe a Smiths. One never knows...

Anyway, I'm really pleased with my modest collection of "beaters." Aside from a "dress watch" I've got everything covered. And as I don't even have a suit, let alone a dinner jacket, I think that can wait.

But for now, I look through all the WRUW shots here every day (well, most of them - there are a LOT) and I don't have any real envy for most of them.

I'm kind of... content. And that's a good feeling.

PS the Flightmaster is already set to Paris time - it's not off.



Isn't this the best case ?! .... but yea , I filled it ....


Seeing that Casio calculator watch takes me back 40yrs when I owned one