Other Ways to Engage with the Hobby?

I have worn a watch since I was 4 years old and became an 'enthusiast' about 12 years ago. I have enjoyed the long journey of different online communities, hot and cold periods of collecting vs. time away, podcasts, tinkering with movements, and friends I have made by way of watches.

My one longing with this old hobby of mine was to make it more of an active hobby. Buying watches, reading about them, talking with people, etc. are all enjoyable but they are also all pretty passive.

I decided to combine my passion for watches with my intermittent hobby of drawing. Now I am about eight months into this new hobby. It has been a fun challenge to draw watches and it has also given me a deeper appreciation for design. When I have to spend time thinking about proportions, spacing, fonts, or a unique curve in a lug, I feel like I get much more familiar with a design and how the different elements come together to create the whole. I am still having as much fun as I did when I started back in April and have no intentions of stopping.

Now for my question. Has anyone else taken their passion for watches in a new direction? Maybe diving more into photography, art, community, or otherwise? Thanks for checking out my post and I am looking forward to hearing how you all like to engage with the hobby!

Edit: Someone asked for my ig so I am adding it here as well: inkabloc



I started to take apart and reassemble watches and then movements, that鈥檚 typically how I dive into things, and what lead me to my career as a mechanic. I take everything apart to understand it, and am also a compulsive repair-er-er

Excellent artwork btw, I love it!!!

Hope to learn watch photography (though i'm not even good at any type of photography nor am i creative). Haha. Will see.

Keep up the cool drawings!!!

OK FIRST OFF this is amazing! Do you have an IG account where you share all this artwork??

As for a different direction I'd absolutely LOVE for some time off to learn photography and do like a 'Watches in the wild' type series or something.

I've peaked in my desire to grow my collection, I have enough watches and choices for my daily wear that I no longer spend time hungering on the internet for my next aquisition.

I've turned my spending habits towards book collecting. I'm finding there are some amazing books out there and often quite pricey as many of them tend to be coffee table books with high photo quality.

I'm also learning quite a bit about the fashion trends of the 20th century. It honestly makes me a bit sad as I see some of the amazing design work and innovation, especially in the 60's and 70's. When I compare it to today's offerings I find modern watches...well uninspiring.

I love how the serial number was scratched out in the drawing. Very good though! Kudos!!

Fantastic 馃憦馃槏

Such a cool fusion of hobbies. I love that zenith drawing 馃槏

I would love to have that drawing of el primero framed and hung in my office or home if you ever decided to give it away)


I would love to have that drawing of el primero framed and hung in my office or home if you ever decided to give it away)