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Other Ways to Engage with the Hobby?

I have worn a watch since I was 4 years old and became an 'enthusiast' about 12 years ago. I have enjoyed the long journey of different online communi...

The Unfair Advantage of My #1WC Watch

#1wc People ask me all the time, "Mike, what is the best watch for the One Watch Challenge on WatchCrunch, which now has an app for Android and IOS?"...

Islander Republic GMT Just Got a Lot More Tempting

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Mike_2 commented on Left, middle or right? ยท

I have the Blue 58 and I would go either green or black with this strap. Blue on blue is too much for me.

Mike_2 commented on The Latest Limited Edition from Longines. ยท

Wow this is the first watch from this collection that has grabbed my attention. I love me a metal bezel and this design overall just works for me.

Mike_2 commented on Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call! ยท

Congrats! This is such a darn cool watch. People normally have to pay hundreds of thousands for โ€œfunโ€ Rolexes but this one is sitting right here! Good choice, Iโ€™m a fan.

Mike_2 commented on The paradox that is CheapestNatoStraps ยท

I learned to stay away from their leather. Half the time I canโ€™t even get the strap secured to the watch because the springbar openings are so damaged and frayed. I just stick with their nylon and find it to be good for the price.

Mike_2 commented on Should I move up to the Black FXD ยท

As a BB58 owner and lover, I say go for it. As long as you can live without the versatility of the 58, the FXD Is fantastic. I tried one on too and was blown away (if they made it smaller I would probably trade out too).

My opinion:

1 watch guy - BB58

Part of a collection - FXD

Mike_2 commented on Mike_2's WRUW ยท

Thanks manny!

Mike_2 commented on Mike_2's WRUW ยท

Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy this watch.

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