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Thrift shop find

Didn't plan for it and did not look for it but this what I found at an antique shop. It doesn't have any brand on it but the caliber looks ok. If you...

Longines presence heritage

I am tormented by this watch. Does anybody here have it? I am considering buying one, but would love to know from an actual owner how this watch fairs...

Is it real?

Omega Seamaster (Submodel) RON14,204 https://chrono24.app/omega/seamaster--id27984780.htm?SETLANG=en_GB&SETCURR=RON Can you guys help me identify...

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commented on Best Dive watch ~$500 to $1500? ยท

For a real diving watch that you can dive in the Citizen is all you need

commented on Sellita SW 200/220 in a โ‚ฌ2k watch; fair or not? ยท

If it is a higher version fair play

commented on Luxury Watchs ๐Ÿ˜‡ ยท

The green strap one, is a Breguet right?. Looks amazing, share some info about it?

commented on Do You Match Your Watch With Your Clothing? ยท

Never. I do not care, I go jogging with my large guardian dog with my dress watch.

commented on The Crown๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ ยท

I agree with 4130.

commented on Manual wind with power reserve indicator ยท

I am sure there are a few. All I can think at this moment is a budget option in the Orient Star but that is a automatic. These go for around 500 euro. I am sure you will find what you want

commented on Owning 30 plus wristwatches, it's getting to be a problem.. ยท

Look I get it and I totally understand, I hope you find the strength to start selling. I own 4 mechanical watches and a Gshock and I am super happy. I am also looking to adding another but I am saving for it. I am a year in and it will take another year to get the budget for my next. Sell some of them and you'll feel better