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Cup of a carpenter?

Hello everyone, wanted to have a cool discussion about Indiana Jones. I'm a huge fan. This is my UG monodate and I remember when I first saw it, I ins...

What characteristics do you value the most when you buy a watch?

There are three main characteristics in a watch that you look at before you buy it. The dial. The case and The movement. Out of these three characteri...

What do you look for when buying a watch? What matters the most?

Buying a watch is an incredibly fun process. Especially if you are new to the hobby, It's a lot of information coming at you. Different types of watch...

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commented on How do you stop the next purchase or do you?

Well when you first get into watches many people impulse buy like myself then end up selling them for a loss. So I've done that plenty of times. It took me a long time to find my taste but now it takes a lot for me to buy a new watch. There are many, many checkpoints a watch has to go through before I even consider it.

commented on What's your favorite watch in your collection?

I think your Omega is your best watch. Co Axial Chronometer the best movement of your collection

commented on Any watch brands that are well-liked or popular that just don鈥檛 do it for you?

Don't get me started. I'll put it this way. I only have a handful of brands that I collect that fill my criteria and everyone else I really don't care for.

commented on What would honestly make you stop buying watches ever again?

Not reliable, they are not as tough as traditional hairsprings. I had a longines with a silicone hairspring that I barely dropped and the whole movement had to be replaced because of the hairspring.

commented on What would honestly make you stop buying watches ever again?

I can tell you what's stopping me buying most modern watches.... silicone hair springs.....

commented on What is your size range?


commented on Best Watch Magazine

The Japanese ones are next level.