Owning 30 plus wristwatches, it's getting to be a problem..

OK, so I got up this morning with the same dilemma I have every morning, what watch am I going to wear, so I thought I'd ask an AI for some help with my anxiety... and asked the question, write in a 100 words why owning more than one wrist watch might be a problem.. **Owning multiple wristwatches** can pose several challenges. Here are some reasons why it might be problematic: 1. **Style Confusion**: Having too many watches can lead to indecision. Choosing which one to wear becomes overwhelming, especially if they vary in style, color, or formality. 2. **Maintenance Burden**: Each watch requires care, battery changes, or winding. Owning several means more maintenance tasks, which can be time-consuming. 3. **Storage Dilemma**: Storing multiple watches safely can be tricky. They need proper cases or watch winders to prevent damage. 4. **Sentimental Neglect**: Rotating watches means less attachment to each. You might miss out on creating memories with a single favorite timepiece. In the end, balance your collection wisely to enjoy both variety and practicality . What can I say, copilot is right as usual... Friday, 1 March 2024 10:25

Look I get it and I totally understand, I hope you find the strength to start selling. I own 4 mechanical watches and a Gshock and I am super happy. I am also looking to adding another but I am saving for it. I am a year in and it will take another year to get the budget for my next. Sell some of them and you'll feel better

Yeah, I need to move some on, trouble is you get attached lol

I "only" have 18 wristwatches to choose from ... and I thought I had a problem! LOL!!

Seriously though, if I feel it's becoming a "problem", then no problem! I'll just give a few away as gifts or tokens of appreciation! 馃榾

Yeah, will do, my son has a few, but he is more restrained than me, has about 4, and happy.. might drop some his way, might freak him out a bit, he's a minimalist 馃槅

The 鈥渟entimental neglect鈥 point is quite advanced thinking - gulp!

Yeah I agree, makes you wonder where Ai is headed 馃

That's why they give u these bags to store then in. They know u will buy in bulk.


I鈥檇 sell what I鈥檓 not attached too and set my watch for tomorrow out with my outfit the night before.

Thought i "only" had 6 in the regularly worn collection, but turns out there's 11... Gotta have a cull .

My problem is I need a couple 17mm straps so I can get a vintage tank style Longines into the rotation. I recently bought a couple new flashlights that I don鈥檛 need. At least they don鈥檛 have sentimental connections.

I went overboard with my other collection so when I began collecting watches the first thing I did was allot so much space etc to avoid my previous mistakes the biggest which was impulse buying, one box is already full and the others are beginning to fill minus one spot reserved for my grail, once each box is full that's where I hang it up or sell a watch to make room for another..hopefully