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Finally got the call.

Folks it happened. After a short 8-year wait us mere mortals were finally honored with the graces of a call from our AD. The his & hers were final...

Your Top Non-Bond Movie Watches?

Yes, approximately 83% of all males born between 1955 and 1980 dreams of cosplaying as a dynamic lone wolf master spy that women love to try and fix....

What watch would Lara Croft wear?

Thanks to the latest in a long line of movie appearences (for both), we know now that the esteemed Dr. Indiana Jones goes for the Hamilton Boulton whe...

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commented on My Grail Watch

That blue is perfect

commented on Anyone else love a skeleton dial?

Oi look at the size of that 10-day spring

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW

Everything about this watch punches above its weight, just gorgeous

commented on Controversial opinion, what are your thoughts ?

I kind of agree. It's similar to guys who live in the gym or girls whose entire identity is cosmetics - yes there is nothing inherently wrong with either activity, but as with watches there is a non-zero desire for social acknowledgement/affirmation of self worth at play. Most everyone has something to compensate for

commented on RyanM82's WRUW

Absolute stunner, instinctively wanted to reach out & touch it through the screen

commented on WristCounselor's WRUW

No time to die but all the time in the world to sit and gawk at this dial

commented on uhrensohn's WRUW

My goodness that is a cool dial concept. Are the orange bits lights or drawn on line