Is it worth spending thousands of 馃挵on a Tudor!?

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If it鈥檚 not pink 馃槀

It totally depends on what one is looking for, both in general and on the core question of 鈥渜uartz vs mechanical鈥. These two are vastly different and for vastly different customers. Personally, I only want to buy a mechanical chronograph if I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 a watch I鈥檓 in love with. Outside of that I鈥檇 stick to quartz ones. Been contemplating a Seiko mechaquartz one from San Martin, actually.

With watch collecting is not about price and more of what you like. Some times what you like tends to be expensive or overpriced. Also liking something very expensive and not been able to one day have it or you just do not want to spend the money is perfectly fine too.

I own a Tudor BB36. It's a nice piece, but if I am honest, other than the movement the San Martin version is probably as good (sorry, but true). I bought the watch about 18 months ago for 拢1850, however I could probably sell it for about 拢2300, so in answer to your question, yep it's worth buying one

It鈥檚 worth it鈥 to me. My Tudor is still my most worn watch. I plan on passing it down to my son when he鈥檚 older.

But it also depends on your financial situation. Years ago spending more that $200 on a watch would have been insane for me. Oh how things have changed鈥

If you cant or wont spend the money, then of course its not worth it. I would never pay this much for a watch. I try to stick at the sub 1k chf level, with a few exeptions.