Hi everybody!

Apparently I collect watches, I didn't figure it out until I found out some folks only need one. My biggest flaw is pulling the trigger when I am saving for something else and then getting buyer regret. However, I flip nothing!!

No matter how bad the timekeeping is!

Glad to meet you all!

Welcome to WatchCrunch!

You鈥檒l do perfectly. Welcome to WC!

Welcome sir! Love the Vostok! 馃槑


Welcome sir! Love the Vostok! 馃槑

Thank you, it is massive, so only gets wrist-time at home 馃槩

Hmmmm? Massive?? Most Vostoks run a 'l'il smaller (38-40mm) ... I have two and that's about what they are and don't find that they wear large (and I have a skinny wrist too) ...


I have a few Russian watches myself, a Sturmanskie, Vostok and Molnija. Welcome! 馃

Classic watch, nothing says you're into watches like a Vostok.


Welcome to the Crunch! The first step is admitting you have a problem, lol!

We are all facing the same problem one day 馃榿 but WC is some kind of therapy. Everything is going to be alright 馃槄 At least, that's what I'm telling myself everyday

Welcome. I think many of us are just like you when it comes to spending while saving馃ぃ

Thanks for all the greetings, it鈥檚 great to be here, and thanks for the nice comments on my Amphibia 馃憤


Hell of a watch!

Looks like you鈥檙e never gonna get your grail watch