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5.91” / 15.00 cm Wrist
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I can never afford it

Which watch do you truly love but can never afford it. Me: The red Richard Mille 🥲

Happy New Year Crunchers

What is your target watch this year? For me this beauty

Who started this Diversification into aspiration luxury ?

Isn't watch collecting supposed to be about artfully created tools? Remember the near downfall of the Swiss brands during the quartz crisis, it was su...

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commented on I can never afford it ·

I like the green Jaeger Le Coultre

commented on I can never afford it ·


commented on Happy New Year Crunchers ·

Lol, an exit 😅

commented on I want this for Christmas ·

Then I will bribe my way through 😅

commented on Am I a bad person? ·

Let me wear it right now. Thank you for sharing and I hope stability in your family.

commented on Nord Zeitmaschine ·

Lino to their website

commented on My take ( Part two) ·

I Care about lume to be honest

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I want this for Christmas

I Don't know anything about Proxima but what I do know I like the touch of orange and the domed crystal. It's 275 USD Very beautiful piece. When I get...

How do you go about watch servicing?

Watch servicing is something we can't escape from especially when owning a mechanical watch. So when is the right time to service a watch: When it has...

Am I a bad person?

On Thursday I got a watch from my dad as a gift. I Was buzzing when I saw it. The following day I adjusted the size. Today going to church I had that...

Servicing Wound watches is crazy

I Was excited to purchase the legendary Sea Gull 1963. Beautiful watch amazing to look at the movement, winding it up and the way it looks you just fa...

How will microbrands grow?

Today's culture doesn't allow a new company to grow and flourish the same way companies like Hamilton, Seiko, Longines, Rolex, etc did back in the 20t...

Pretenders for sure

Many people act like certain watch features are huge deal when I the reality they don't use them. Do you need 300m of water resistance to wash the dis...