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commented on Second Mechanical Watch?

Left to right

C65 Trident Auto, C65 Dartmouth v1, C65 Chronograph, C65 GMT Worldtimer, The Twelve

commented on Second Mechanical Watch?

I have 5 CW watches, value for dollar can't be beat. But since I already have 5 CW's, I'd have to pick the Sinn...

commented on HappyHour's WRUW

Thanks! My mom found it, I forgot I ever owned it.

commented on Do you have a size range you stay within?


I am comfortable with anything between 36mm - 46mm

commented on Seiko Turtle - huge potential!

100% know what you mean, I was just having fun. Unfortunately Seiko is infamous for misalignments, yet we all seem to love them anyway.

commented on Seiko Turtle - huge potential!

Wow, that bezel is really misaligned...it's completely upside down 馃槣 lol

I have the Samurai Dark Manta and wouldn't change a thing on it, but you mod plan looks pretty cool 馃槑. Best of luck!

commented on My thoughts on homages; and is this SM really a GADA?!

For me, the crown is a bit too small and unscrew/screw down and winding is quite gritty. Pulling the crown out to set the time is also quite stiff and clunky. So far it runs okay, but I worry about the longevity of it.