Do I dare?

Found a strapmaker who makes NASA mission strap reproductions (technically for the Speedmaster). What do you think: is it disingenuous to pop my Lunar Pilot on one of these?


I think the strap is inherently disingenuous. But so are all these moonie watches, so I don't see an issue.

Nope, it's spot on 馃憤馃徎

Your watch, DO IT. You will run across about 2 people in your entire life when walking around that will have any idea what you are wearing. its for your enjoyment!


I don鈥檛 get it.

Are people who aren鈥檛 in the military not allowed to wear camo or 鈥渢actical鈥 stuff? What about those hats with the part to keep the sun off you鈥檙e neck. If I鈥檓 not actually in the French foreign legion, can I no longer wear one of those? Can I wear Air Jordans if I鈥檓 not Michael Jordan? And I won鈥檛 even ask about dive watches, those are clearly out.

The prototype Bulova Lunar Pilot worn by Cmdr. Scott during his EVA on the Moon's surface was almost certainly worn on the NASA-issue velcro strap that was intended for his infamous Speedy that had decided to part ways with its crystal!

So go ahead and wear it with pride! Any modern L.P. is just as deserving of a replica NASA strap as is any Speedmaster IMHO. 馃憤

Its a strap, who cares, go for it !

Wear it, don't fake it.

IMO, wearing a "disingenuous" strap (or watch, for that matter) is only a problem if you are actively using the perceived cachet to defraud someone.

So here's the actual watch.

It seems if it's good enough for the original...