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Themed static figure watch photos

These two photos were taken almost exactly a month apart, with the zelos being taken today, a few hours earlier. They were themed with Pokemon figures...

My zelos finally arrived

Alrighty, so my first zelos finally arrived (the new mako 300m GMT) and I’ve gotta say I am absolutely IN LOVE with this watch. The bezel is nice and...

New limited edition watch just dropped

Bought myself a second AVI-8 limited edition automatic watch. This time from their P-51 line of watches. I have been fascinated by airplanes for years...

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commented on Could you wear the same watch every day? ·

I’ve worn a few watches more than a week in a row in the past. Some for a few months or so at a time. Only stopped doing that because of the wruw for here and wanting to wear a different watch every day.

commented on Any spooooky stories (backgrounds) about your watches??? ·

Unfortunately no spooky watch story but I do have a spooky experience that happened a few years ago

commented on jcwatch's WRUW ·

That’s a beautiful watch, love the hammerhead

commented on Do you collect anything else other than watches? ·

I collect patches, scale model airplanes, folding/fixed blade knives and multi tools, and Pokemon cards ontop of watches. (Pictured is a cool vintage fixed blade that my dad gave to me)

commented on My Zelos Blacktip Burnt Orange coordinates with King pretty well. 👑 ·

I guess my Ratio freediver atleast kind of matches my cat, Braveheart (he was not happy with me taking this photo)

I don’t have anything that matches my dog, but I did get my zelos mako with her in mind (she wouldn’t let me get a photo of her with it)

commented on The thing about diving bezels ·

I use it more for timing how long a dog has been in timeout at work ( I use my chronograph for basically the exact same thing as well).

commented on Themed static figure watch photos ·

Nice! That golden model of jango/boba fett’s ship looks really cool! Atleast I think it’s jango/boba’s ship

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“New” G-shock Square

So kinda new watch alert kinda not, got this thing for Christmas, the adjust button was pushed in (but not to the point it was unusable) and we were g...

An iPhone attempt at watch photography

I tried some portrait mode photography of my AVI-8 Bell X-1. Obviously it’s not nearly as good as my DSLR’s watch photos This blue Pepsi bezel watch o...

Got a new strap for my Ratio Freediver

The strap I ordered finally came, it’s a crown&buckle chevron single pass nato. I bought it because the rubber strap that the freediver originally...

My full collection (minus my 3 G-shocks)

So yeah, this is pretty much my full collection right now besides the G’s because they won’t stay down like the rest of these watches. Also this is my...