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Kuoe Royal Smith 90-010

Now this watch is a thing of Beauty. Always been a Fan. Have a good day everyone

Let’s see your Unique Quartz Timepiece.

It’s been couple of Months and I find That I am wearing this Drumroller a lot more out of my collection. Even just sitting on my desk. I am just mesme...

Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite Dial

I’m pretty sure we’re all Familiar with the Bulova Lunar pilot line up by now. This one I think is beautiful and well executed but not for that price...

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commented on Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite Dial ·

That dial is gorgeous

commented on Bulova Lunar Pilot Meteorite Dial ·

I have been wanting to add one to my collection and I think the Blue Panda dial is a great choice.

I also like the OG no date Lunar pilot.

commented on Post Your blue dail favorites… Fam!! ·
commented on What’s your Origin Story? The Watch That Started it All. ·

I put on a Radioactive watch and from there on. I became Watchman. Hehe

It was my Sarb017 Alpinist that started it all for me.

Which is upgraded to my Grail Grand Seiko SBGN009.

Now it’s Watch Bracelet and Straps.

commented on Japan vs. Switzerland ·

Japan all the way

commented on Is this Fake? They started to make fake Grand Seikos now?? ·

The polishing don’t look right. Mine is a 9F Quartz and compare the polishing


The polishing is pretty hard to fake I think.

commented on VCHighballer's WRUW ·

Nice Rifle and Watch.

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High Tech or Is Kalle Slaap just a Grumpy old man lol?

A little information about Tissot Movement from Watch maker Kalle Slaap. Thanks as Always

First Watch of 2024 ^_^ Future Funk

I wanted my First watch of 2024 to be unique. Something Different and not your Typical Time Piece. I was looking for a Japanese Microbrand and I thoug...

Grand Seiko SBGN009 on a Beads of rice Bracelet

I wanted to put my Grand Seiko on a bracelet that’s both Comfortable and matches the watch. I think it looks good on a Beads of Rice Bracelet. I been...

Orange Seiko 5 sports on HLink Mesh

Just Arrived in the Mail today ^_^ My Orange Seiko 5 sports on HLink Mesh/Milanese Bracelet. Definitely elevates the look of the watch to a more Dress...

Kuoe Kyoto, Japanese Microbrand.

I have been looking to add a Japanese Microbrand to my collection and There are not many choices out there. In my search I found Kuoe Kyoto. I love th...

Show me The Watch you got For Christmas.

Happy Holidays. My wife got me a Made ins Japan/JDM Gshock GW-A1000FC ^_^ love it -World Time -29 Cities -Thermometer -Chronograph -Alarm Show me the...