First Watch of 2024 ^_^ Future Funk

I wanted my First watch of 2024 to be unique. Something Different and not your Typical Time Piece.

I was looking for a Japanese Microbrand and I thought Koue was the Answer.

The Longer I searched for a Japanese Microbrand the more interesting it got.

***The Winner of my Search for Japanese Micbrand is Future Funk Drum Roller***

-Retro Drum Roller Watch

-Has a Steam punk vibe about it

-Stainless Steel Case. Very Solid feeling and has weight to it.

-Mineral Glass

-Accurate to + and - 30 seconds a month

I could sit there and watch the Drum roller, roll over and over lol

$150 CAD plus $25 ship and $26 import tax

I really enjoy this Rare find in my search and I just want to show you a Japanese Microbrand that most probably have never heard of.


Very cool! What's the size?


Very cool! What's the size?

Beside my Seiko 5 sports

W:44mm H:42mm T:14.5mm


These are sold out. It's worth it just for the name!