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A bug with my Breitling?

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or if this is a straight back to the Boutique kind of issue. I’m on holiday and this is my fi...

What’s the one watch you love but would never buy?

The Cartier Tank Must in black is a watch that is rent free in my head at the moment. There’s just something so timeless and clean about the design th...

The Leftfield Choice

You may have seen my post a few months back about my dream watch, the Tudor Black Bay 58 and my experience of trying it on for the first time and bein...

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commented on Trip to the AD. ·

Those free hats are dangerous next thing you know you’re putting your card into the machine 😂

commented on SOTC - Watches having a black dial ·

Every time I set out to buy a non black watch to brighten up the collection I always end up with…another black watch!

I just feel like they’re more versatile for some reason, black goes with everything after all!

commented on First "Big" Purchase ·

I was in the same predicament earlier this year regarding my first ‘big’ purchase and I picked the Superocean over various Tudors. I must ask have you tried any of them on? Because the Breitling certainly had an X factor about it, I couldn’t put my finger on why I loved it, I just did!

Aesthetics are my number 1 deciding factor in a watch as well so definitely go and see these in person if you can before committing!

commented on Speedy itch temporarily scratched ·

Best advice I can give is to get your significant other something of equivalent value to soften the blow, it’ll hurt your bank balance but everyone wins 👀😂

commented on DanP45's WRUW ·

Haha no a little further afield, The Grand Palladium in Jamaica!

commented on Bad experience with Rolex Customer Service... ·

As someone who has previously worked in sales I always try to be sympathetic with AD and Boutique staff as I know how tough and soul destroying it can be.

I did have a poor experience in an Omega Boutique which came across as very snobby and gave me the impression that they thought I couldn’t afford it, the salesperson looked very surprised to see me a few weeks later sat buying a Breitling in the boutique next door!

Customer service is part of the reason some of us spend so much money on these unnecessary miniature wrist clocks!

commented on Vintage diver under 1000 and 4hz ·

The Baltic all the way! I seriously regret selling mine every single day

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