Date Function: Yea or Nay?

What say you?
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Fwiw, I used to not have a preference, but now, I can say without question, I prefer a No Date. For 2 reasons:

1) I've had 2 ETA movements with the date complication fail on me and I am reasonably convinced that the date complication played a role in their failure.

2) They're just plain easier to set.

But that's just me. I absolutely understand their functionality and do appreciate those who prefer them.

C. But it depends on how well it is done. The date on the Sinn 556A-RS is perfection. The day/date on the Sinn 104, likewise.

But when done poorly, can absolutely ruin a dial.

I avoid watches that don't have a date, but I also avoid watches with what I consider bad date windows.

I rarely set the date, so it doesn't matter of the watch has one. But a cyclops is a deal breaker: I hate those ugly things.

Looks unaesthetic in the vast majority of dials for me so avoid it if possible, plus it's a pain in the a** to set everytime I put a watch on (hello the Seiko SNKxxx line with its tiny little crown at 4).

The only case I like to have the date is on my Citizen Promaster, because it's a perpetual calendar AND a solar watch so I set it up and forget for the rest of the watch's life

It all depends on the watch at this point.

I don't need one, but I don't mind one... As long as it doesn't ruin the look.

I strongly prefer a no-date. The only reason I see for a date is on a GMT. There鈥檚 no functional reason for a date on a diver or a dress watch.

Yet the world has decided that the majority of watches must have a date. So to hell with my preferences, some watches are so compelling that I have to buy them despite the date.

Dates are useful, but there's no better way to ruin a well executed face than stick an awfully executed date window on it. And unfortunately that's what a lot of watches have.

Hate it with a passion. Utterly useless for anyone with a functional memory other than once per day!!! Ruins 99% of dials imho.....don't get me started on Day date 馃く 馃槀馃槀

Honestly shocked/mortified that with that ugly complication is winning in the poll!! Clearly you're a load of amnesiacs 馃槀馃槀

Like most people who don't like dates on watches I have several which do have dates! The date option just ruins the visual experience for me, especially when a cyclops is involved. I know companies include dates based on demand which makes perfect sense. However most people don't know the time of day right off the top of their heads, hence the need for a watch. The jury may still be out on how many people don't know what day of the week it is.