Talking (about) Watches

This is NOT my watch :)

While I was in Houston I went into Zadok Jewlers. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Vacheron Constantin section and immediately walked in.

The sales person followed me in and introduced himself. I was immediately impressed and reminded of the kind of service you can get before the days of Hype Rolex (maybe it is just a coincidence that they are not a Rolex AD).

He complimented me on my Explorer and we began talking watches. I’d never met an AD that was this much of an enthusiast. He encouraged me to handle rare and precious pieces with, I’m sure, unfathomable price tags. These included brand new watches as well as heavy hitters from last spring like the JLC skeleton chronograph reverso. And, even though it was clear he was “the Vacheron Guy” he took me all around the the store and showed me amazing pieces from JLC, Grand Seiko, etc.

Before leaving we stopped by the preowned section and it certainly had some heavy hitters including the green Moser Streamliner and this white gold Vacheron from the Historiques Collection. Honestly, I always kind of thought this VC was an over appreciated piece but having seen it in person, I can definitely say I get it. There’s really nothing like it. And that case…


My experience with ADs were all negative. And, once I was also told "it's too expensive for you". When it comes to ADs there is a lot of profiling that happens. So I mostly collect independent watches, or deal with online boutique.


At the Tudor counter in the flagship downtown Seattle Ben Bridges store is the only place I've encountered a disappointing low energy associate and I'm confident it had more to do with him than me.

Unbeknownst to him I was in town to host a Ben Bridges' affiliated event and was able to share my experience of that associate at his corporate level. I was wearing Rolex and my wife Cartier and we both dress like adults, it was his sale to eff up and he did.

Sometimes you just run into someone in the people business that has no people skills and it isn't a matter of anything the customer did right or wrong.


I've always found VC to have great staff, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and pleased to help. Patek have also been excellent. In fact any of the high end that I've visited have been good.

I've visited four Rolex ADs, the one I purchased from in the late 90s was ok, more recent visits have been appalling.


Makes me want to get on a flight to Houston. So happy for you to have that opportunity. That VC is outstanding. I want one


I have been an enthusiast for decades and decades, purchased every watch from ads, cannot really think of one negative watch shopping experience, my most memorable fun event was at the Cellini shop in the old Waldorf Astoria a few years after 9/11 before covid-19 when just before flying back to Toronto, my wife insisted that I drop into the famous shop, was the Monday after the American Thanksgiving weekend. We had no intention of buying anything but the guys working at the store that afternoon were so sociable, just nice watch lovers that my wife decided to pick up a watch that she already owned reasoning that she could gift one watch to each of our daughters when the time was right. During recent times, my experiences at Rolex ads have been pretty ugly, I can admit that but life goes on, lots of different brands.


The pictures do not do the dial justice. I have a client that pick one up recently. It's pretty jaw dropping.


One of my favorite pieces of the entire world 😍😍😍