Chrono battle

which one do you prefer guys?

-Seiko Chrono 

-Yema Meangraf  

-Yema Rallygraf 

--lip Rallye (french brand too)

-Timex Q and waterbury


They’re all nice. I’m quite close to getting the Waterbury as I like the colour combo. 


I like the Rallygraf and the Timex


Of the four, I like the Rallygraf and the Rallye.


As others have already said, Rallygraf and Timex.

The other two are a bit too busy. The rally and Q are clean and classic.


if you like color and something a bit different = SSC667 


It's a tough choice between the Rallygraf and the Timex Q. I just ordered a Q However the Yema chronographs are weighing heavy on my mind right now