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Timex or Casio

Do you have a favorite?
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commented on AtomGlitch's WRUW

I'm thinking simple case mode and faceplate. Maybe one day solder some different color LEDs.

commented on How many of you have a folder in your phone dedicated to watch photos?

I don't but I'm making one now.

commented on What's your budget watch collection.

I really enjoy this. Putting a few on these on my future buy list. Thanks for sharing.

commented on What are your 鈥淩isky鈥 hobbies?

Flyfishing not sure if that is risky.

commented on Current update

Great start. Enjoy the hunt as much as your going to enjoy the watch itself. It's a marathon.

commented on What's your budget watch collection.

Great views! I'm a sucker for orange.

commented on MAnthony29's WRUW

The pop of color on the Nato strap is a great touch.

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What's your budget watch collection.

Best 3 watches each has to be under 1k.