Update - Custom Watch Storage - Phase 2

Happy 2023 Crunchers.  

In a previous post, I shared my idea to restore an antique machinist box and turn it into a custom watch box.  Over the past week, I was finally able to make some great progress.  See pics below.  As always, I welcome any feedback, tips or critiques.

Restoration Process:

Step 1 - Remove old hardware and salvage when possible

Step 2 - Rust removal and cleaning of old hardware

Step 3 - Clean and sand all wood surfaces

Step 4 - Rebuild a few parts (with other reclaimed wood on hand)

Step 5 - Stain wood

Step 6 - Replace hinges and age the brass to match antique look (aging in process currently)

Step 7 - Build bottom storage tray...this took some time and not yet 100% finished

          a. - determine best layout for a 22.5" x 11" foam block - I was able to get 27 slots in total.

          b. - make jig to cut foam evenly 

          c. - frame in bottom tray (not yet complete)

That is all for now, but very happy so far.  I still need to build the top tray, which will hold 9 more watches and then reassemble. 

Looking forward to sharing the final product in phase 3.




Looks fantastic so far. Looking forward to see Phase 3.


Looks great so far!


Looks great! Excited to see the final product 🔥🔥🔥


Looks great, cant wait to see the finished product.  


That looks amazing even before it's finished!!


Very coo!  Nicely done. I hope 2023 is the year I finally build or find a large watch box.


It's going to be really exciting seeing this come together. Great work 👍