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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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When you find out you work with a watch geek

So a few weeks ago I found out that someone I work with is also into watches when he showed me some photos of his latest acquisition, an Omega Swatch....

I forgot my watch today.

I was in such a rush to get out the door this morning that I forgot to grab my watch. I realized it after I got to the parking lot at work and checked...

A Fossil Watch and TWSBI Micarta Fountain Pen photo.

The color match was an obvious photo waiting to be taken.

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commented on IvanRomero's WRUW ·

Thank you. Me neither. I understand that it was a Japan only release and my brother had it shipped from Japan to me.

commented on IvanRomero's WRUW ·

I guess they realize there is a market for these types of watches too. It takes some time but if you browse their shop, gems like this one do pop up once in a while. This is one of two vintage inspired watches I own from them. The other has a VK quartz that ticks 4 times per second.

commented on Anyone with a 36mm watch with a 7inch wrist or so? ·

7.25" wrist. 37mm with the crown. I forgot the lug-to-lug but that's really what you're after.

commented on goodoboy30's WRUW ·

I've never seen this model. Is it an older model or more recent?

commented on I Had No Idea... ·

They do have quite a few variations but I think all of them (well at least the ones I have seen) have a matching dial and arabics. I think one version has Roman numerals but again, they match the dial color.

commented on Nato Straps ·

I have not had any spring bar failures but I try not to crank down on the strap. It feels uncomfortable and restricting. I have considered buying beefier spring bars just in case but have not done so yet.

commented on I Had No Idea... ·

I knew the design was not original but I did not know where Invicta was getting their inspiration.


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This ETA clone is mesmerizing.

I had to add another shot of my Otto Frei "Special" with a photobombing Lamy nib thrown in for good measure. 😜 😂

Vintage Caravelle on the way.

So, I saw a Caravelle watch on eBay and somehow it ended up on my purchased list. I bid on it not really thinking I would get it. I don't want to use...

The votes are in Roman vs Arabic Vs. Indeces

It looks like Arabics take the win over Roman numerals by a long shot and indices came in 2nd. (my poll is here: https://www.watchcrunch.com/IvanRomer...

Arabics vs. Roman numerals

I am not a roman numeral guy. I grew up with clocks in our house with roman numerals. I am not sure if getting my first LCD watch just made me prefer Arabics but that is my preference. I'll take indic...
226 votes ·

Timex Standard Sub-Second 40mm

I like the look of this one a lot but it looks like they cut too many corners for me to want to buy it. Mineral crystal, non-leather strap, quartz, an...

Timex Standard Sub-Second 40mm Apple Skin Leather Strap Watch - Timex US