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Watches and Suits

Just attended the Hodinkee JP x Ring Jacket event in Aoyama in Tokyo yesterday. Took my M11 Monochrom with the 35mmAPO to take some photos. I have to...

Sharing a couple of shots from my recent Wristonomy Haul

Ive posted before about the products from Wristonomy but here are some extra shots as I really love their products and believe it will elevate your wa...

Lovely stands from Wristonomy (formerly known as thewatchstand) Use discount code: TOKYO_WATCH_GUY for 15% off!

Hey crunchers, hope you're all doing well! Just wanted to share my experience with 2 products Ive been using for a while from Wristonomy (formerly kno...

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commented on Hodinkee.. worst customer service ever!!! ·

It seems they are really struggling with many of their staff laid off and I think they are on the downfall. Shame as I really loved their stuff early on in my watch collecting journey 10 years ago.

commented on Watch roll/case/pouch ·

Yes try wristonomy and get 15% off them with my code!

commented on Watch Roll or similar for single watch ·

Check this brand out and get 15% on me!

commented on Lovely stands from Wristonomy (formerly known as thewatchstand) Use discount code: TOKYO_WATCH_GUY for 15% off! ·

Hi guys, just updating this post as I had a few questions and messages about how this works. Basically you will get a 15% discount on any of their products AND to be clear, you will get the extra 15% on TOP of any other discounts or offers they might be doing on their website at the time of order so it stacks!The stands in particular are just a really cool place to place ur watch for example whilst you work on your laptop and don't want to scratch the buckle etc of the watch AND also be able to see the time and admire your time piece. Real quality stuff.

commented on Thanks Mum, I’ll do my best, regardless of where the winds of change will take me. ·

Imagine if you had aced your exams, you would have gotten a Rolex! ok jokes aside, honestly don’t worry too much about exam grades. No one gives a damn about that in University and beyond. Life is much more complicated than a bunch of grades you got when you’re 17-18. You have a super caring and supportive family and have university to look to, you’ve done well bud. Congrats on your watch!

commented on Had a bad experience with Tissot ·

Was the watch in warranty? Where did you take the watch to?

commented on Black Bay Pro & Tank Trade For White Speedy ·

Yes. I am always for consolidating. Life is very short, just count how many days you will actually have the opportunity to decide what to wear. I would always try to wear the watches that make me feel great and looks great. These things are accessories, really no point buying and wearing something you don’t love. The only function that a luxury watch serves is to make you feel great. So make sure it does!!

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