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Safety Tips For Rolex & Other Luxury Watch Owners

Good evening Crunchers. Most of this stuff is common sense but this is for anyone who wants to get into Rolex or any luxury watches and wears them in...

To All Of My Expert Scuba Divers...

Good morning Crunchers! While I was going on my walk this morning, I was wearing my Seiko PADI Solar "Arnie" and I know that it's a diver's watch and...

All Of My Solar Soakers In The Florida Sun 🌞

Hi Crunchers! I hope that your weekend has been great to you (and your wallet.) I decided to put all of my Eco-Drive watches, my Seiko Solar "Arnie "...

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commented on All Of My Solar Soakers In The Florida Sun 🌞 ·

No. The Spinnaker is not solar but with the way that it is lumed by all of those ghosts on the dial, I just decided to put it out there for the hell of it😜

commented on Seiko 6105-8119 🫑 ·

That watch is a looker! It looks brand new!

commented on Seiko SRPK91 Β·

Honestly, it has a vintage/old school vibe to it and I like it! I don't see anything wrong with it. It's all good in my book πŸ‘Œ

commented on Your Thoughts On Jomashop? Β·

This was many, many years ago and I do not have the greatest of memories and also I clean out my inbox often so, ummm, I do not have receipts from lets say, 1-2 years ago.

Hope that answers your questionπŸ˜’

commented on Tough time deciding, want input Β·

I would go with the Speedy😎

commented on Show us your lume, people! Β·

That's a sick shot with the dashboardπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

commented on Show us your lume, people! Β·

I'll post some lume shots tomorrow. I'm going to bed. I have a dentist appointment early in the morning. Goodnight Crunchers!

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My Lume Show

Good morning Crunchers! So the other evening, someone made a post asking everyone to show off their lume shots and I commented that I couldn't because...

AVI-8 Website Wide Sale

If you are an AVI-8 fan, they have a lot of their stock on sale. I'm thinking about getting one myself πŸ˜‰ Check it out! 😎

Aviation Inspired Timepieces


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I'm sure some of you would want this in your home, am I right?πŸ€”πŸ€ͺ

Thank You Crunchers!

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