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Geneva Watch Tour?

Have any of you ever done a guided tour of watch factories and boutiques in Geneva? Do you have any advice for us? Are there companies that organize t...

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commented on tambar's WRUW

I bought this on Reddit Watchexchange. I saw a Hodinkee video and I knew I had to have one. I don鈥檛 wear it much, but I always enjoy it when I wear it

commented on Now A Yema & Laco Christmas Giveaway.

Beautiful watch. I would love to own it too.

commented on Help me understand your side.

Thank you for this perspective. I needed to hear it. I have been trying to consolidate my collection, partly because I hear others talk about it. But I really like your approach. Just because a watch isn鈥檛 getting wrist time, it doesn鈥檛 mean that it can鈥檛 have importance to us. Thanks!

commented on Geneva Watch Tour?

Thanks a lot for your comment! This is very helpful. If anyone else knows of some of the companies that organize these tours, please let us all know

commented on Are GMTs overrated?

For me, it鈥檚 not about the functionality at all. But my GMT watches help me stay connected to my home town. I live in the central time zone but I grew up in the eastern time zone. Whenever I look down at my GMT watch and see that extra hand pointed at the eastern time, I feel connected to my parents and family back home.

commented on tambar's WRUW


commented on What is your brand?

I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e wrong at all in being attracted to one brand more than others. I have this weird affinity for Bulova watches. I have 3 now. They are affordable and have a very unique design language. But I also love having other watches.