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DFW Watch Club Meetup #2

Join us for our 2nd meetup to hangout, have a drink, and talk watches! I鈥檓 looking forward to seeing everyone there. Be sure to tell the host that you鈥檙e there with the DFW Watch Club and they鈥檒l dire...
Mar 8
Carrollton, TX, US
Fri, March 8 路 7:00 PM CST

DFW Watch Club Meetup

Appetizers, drinks, and community! I haven鈥檛 seen many DFW watch clubs so let鈥檚 all get together!
Feb 2
Carrollton, TX, US
Fri, February 2 路 7:00 PM CST

First DFW Watch Club Meetup

Our first meet up with great people, stories, and community. It looks like we鈥檒l be making this a monthly occurrence at El Rincon in Carrollton, I鈥檓 e...

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commented on Frost27's WRUW

First lizard strap I鈥檝e owned and I love it

commented on DFW Watch Club Meetup

There are a few tables reserved by the bar. If you tell the hostess you are with DFW watch group, they will direct you. See you soon!

commented on DFW Watch Club Meetup

Yes! See you there

commented on santos medium or tag heuer monaco?

Santos everyday

commented on DFW Watch Club Meetup

Two weeks away, I鈥檓 looking forward to meeting everyone!

commented on What is the most expensive watch you would like to REALISTICALLY own?

AT 38mm

commented on GridironMovements's WRUW

That鈥檚 awesome

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Newest EBay Win

Won this one for $100 used ($220 on the timex site), a steal if you ask me. Always wanted a GMT and a Pepsi style bezel, killed two birds with this on...

First build

Been wanting to do this for a while, nh35 movement and a 36mm case. I needed something in the collection that was light and bright for summer.

Watch stories

What are some of the watches that mean the most to you? Maybe it came from a loved one that passed who鈥檚 watch alows you to feel connected to them, a...

Mystery Gift

After coming back from a week long birthday cruise with my girlfriend, I come back to the office and find a nice leather 4 slot watch box. I check ins...

Assembling my first watch

I鈥檓 looking to purchase all parts individually likely from Etsy then assemble them all together for my own custom watch. I鈥檓 curious; how am I suppose...

Spiderman Royal Oak

I love when brands don鈥檛 take themselfs too seriously, it seems like AP is representing that with this new marvel collaboration. What are y鈥檃ll鈥檚 thou...