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Travelling with a vintage watch

I have a vintage Omega Seamaster Cosmic from the mid/late 1960s. I absolutely adore it and was thinking of taking it on a trip with me later this mont...
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syc143 commented on Travelling with a vintage watch ·

As requested

syc143 commented on Best excuse to buy a new watch? ·

"My friend is getting married and I simply need a new watch to wear to the wedding". 

syc143 commented on Travelling with a vintage watch ·

That's a good point. Thanks! 

syc143 commented on Expensive watches when travelling? ·

Not European but have had many relatives who've travelled there and the cities you're going to don't seem to be the ones people tell you to watch out for in terms of pickpockets (Paris, Rome and Barcelona being the big offenders if I remember correctly), so I wouldn't worry too much about taking the expensive pieces. Explorer is understated and all-purpose enough or Reverso could be good especially if it's the duoface and you could track your home time as well. However, if you feel you're going to be worried about your watches (I get it, I'm generally a bit of a worrier myself), bring the Seiko or Tissot just for peace of mind (if only one, leaning Seiko because I have a GMT bias). 

syc143 commented on Omega Seamaster Diver 300m midsize ·

Would say it's definitely possible. They already do the Speedmaster in 38mm and they could be looking over at the Breitling SuperOcean in 36mm (targeted mostly towards women I believe) and want to capture that same market/target demo. Also, I believe the watch trend is shifting a bit now to watches on the smaller side, compared to the oversized trend of a few years ago.  

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My first watch was a Casio Baby-G that my parents got me in grade school. Since then I'd always wear a watch, but I think the fascination and spending hours on forums and watch YouTube started after I got my first automatic, Seiko 5 SNKL43. Now also own a Timex GMT, Seiko tank and vintage Omega Seamaster. Am taking a bit of a break though and hoping to save up for a piece or two in the luxury tier (still love my affordables though).

syc143 commented on The Eternal debate -- 1 expensive watch or many cheap watches... ·

This is a fair point, but I think when it comes to selling pre-owned, your local market plays a huge role in how easy this will be (assuming you are selling to strangers and not to someone you know/friend of a friend situation). The market for watches in my country is not big, maybe I could make my money back on a Rolex, but an Omega or a Tag may be a different story (also have to consider how long I'd be willing to wait for someone to give me the price I want). I could try sell internationally but buyers may find that with shipping + import tax, it's not worth it. I could sell to a secondhand dealer locally but I definitely wouldn't make my money back since they dealer needs to make money when they eventually sell it. There's also a fair bit of admin involved when selling anything deemed "expensive" - I'd expect quite a bit of back and forth, so if you're a busy individual, the time you'll spend in correspondence (and the person you're talking to may end up deciding not to buy) may not be worth it to you.

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Underrated watches

Curious to know, what watch do you find to be underrated? You can take a number of factors into consideration like value for money, functionality, wea...
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