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Updated picture of whole collection!

NWA: Farer Resolute 36

Just acquired this Farer and I am absolutely in love with the white dial. The lume is equally as stunning in person

Selling entry level watches

Just wanted to get some opinions in the community on the best or most reliable places to sell watch brands such as a tissot, Hamilton, invicta, or som...

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commented on SOTC (full) Q1 2024

Do you like blue?

commented on Current Collection

I鈥檓 thinking a Sinn 356 or 556 actually, so pretty accurate!

commented on Current Collection

Gift from a relative when I was 18. Couldn鈥檛 fathom getting rid of it.

commented on Current Collection

All time, the explorer ii. This year, the Farer!

commented on Current Collection

Baltic Aquascaphe!

commented on What鈥檚 your perfect GADA watch???


Proof as the whole picture lol

commented on What鈥檚 your perfect GADA watch???

Hey鈥. That鈥檚 my collection.

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Current SOTC

From oldest to newest: Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview - Given to me by my parents for high school graduation Cartier Santos - Given to me by my father, w...

Birthday watch

#nwa #seiko #quartz #tank it鈥檚 not a Cartier but it鈥檚 a refreshing break from the rest of my collection!

First post!

Got referred by a friend to this community, and super excited to join it! Here鈥檚 a photo of my current collection and a little background on each: Rol...