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An Interesting Read......Watches and Espionage...

I came across this blog and thought it as an avid fan to share it amongst WC from a horological POV

G Square with Heart Rate Sensor

G-Central revealed that Casio is releasing DW-H5600 with the Heart Rate Sensor on May 19,2023

A trip down memory lane

While rummaging through a cupboard I came across a long forgotten walkman and some cassette tapes (all are in mint condition).....I though it might be...

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commented on mgdaniel's WRUW ·

Yes…in addition to the solar….you need it if you use tracking and HR sensor

commented on An impulse buy ·

As of now the PVD coating is holding without any scrathes....but the wrist time is like 3 or 4 days per month as I usually wear G-Shocks....

commented on So close to 1.5k on YouTube! ·

Anything for a fellow WC....done it....go on vlogging....I liked this

commented on Casio AE-1X00 Series... the complete collection ·

AE1100 is there with the metallic band between AE 1000 and AE 1200.....😉

commented on Seiko 5 Sports is 55! Join the birthday celebration! ·

My Seiko 5 Sports Guccimaze (SRPG65K1) to join in the celebration

commented on What is your personal favorite Seiko watch?⌚️👋🇺🇲🇯🇵 ·

The current favorite in my collection is the Seiko SRPE99 Prospex...the Pepsi Turtle

commented on A trip down memory lane ·

I remember those were the last tapes I bought probably in 2000....then it was the mp3 era...for me

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The Pepsi Turtle

It has been my obsession to get a Padi Diver Watch...but maintaining my motto that a Seiko should be Made in Japan.....finally I got a very good deal...

I forgot my Anniversary....

It's been one year since I joined WC and I missed the date....It was on January 20,2022 when I was in Covid 19 quarantine I came across WC...It's been...

The Lightest G-Shock Square with Carbon Fiber Strap

I got this Japan Domestic version of GW-S5600U with Tough Solar and Multiband 6.....this is the lightest G-Shock Square (45.3g) with a Titanium Back a...

Should I revive them....

I have an emotional attachment with my longterm wrist buddies EF-334(Brown) and EF-500(White) now defunct. Although EF-334 came later I have used EF-5...

Winston Churchill's Rolex

As I am a History Buff the one past time I enjoy nowadays is audible books on Amazon. I have started recently to listen to Churchill: Walking with Des...

An old Hamilton Ad....from June 1940

The price range then was from $37.50 to $5,000 (Ad from National Geographic Magazine June 1940)