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An Interesting Read......Watches and Espionage...

I came across this blog and thought it as an avid fan to share it amongst WC from a horological POV

G Square with Heart Rate Sensor

G-Central revealed that Casio is releasing DW-H5600 with the Heart Rate Sensor on May 19,2023

A trip down memory lane

While rummaging through a cupboard I came across a long forgotten walkman and some cassette tapes (all are in mint condition).....I though it might be...

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commented on mgdaniel's WRUW


commented on White Dial Christmas

I don't dream...I get what I could afford...Seasons Greetings....with Casio MTP-B105M

commented on Need your valuable suggestions for my next Casio/G-Shock.

I will go with the DW-H5600 as it has a reliable HR sensor, Bluetooth sync...with Tough Solar and USB will not run out of juice at short notice...a scenario I dread during long hauls with apple watch....this G-Shock is slowly becoming my daily beater馃憤

commented on mgdaniel's WRUW

When in the BARO mode the second hand will point whether the current reading is under or over the previous units of 1hPa (0.03 inHg)...

commented on My Casio collection

A spectacular collection of Casio watches....keep on collecting...the itch never stops with a casio collector馃槈

commented on What is the best watch collecting advice you鈥檝e heard and still sticks to your mind.

The best advise I got and will give to any watch collector is don't stop collecting and don't stop flaunting them...

commented on Show off your GMT

Is this considered as a GMT....idw


Citizen Nighthawk Blueangels BJ7007-02L

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The Pepsi Turtle

It has been my obsession to get a Padi Diver Watch...but maintaining my motto that a Seiko should be Made in Japan.....finally I got a very good deal...

I forgot my Anniversary....

It's been one year since I joined WC and I missed the date....It was on January 20,2022 when I was in Covid 19 quarantine I came across WC...It's been...

The Lightest G-Shock Square with Carbon Fiber Strap

I got this Japan Domestic version of GW-S5600U with Tough Solar and Multiband 6.....this is the lightest G-Shock Square (45.3g) with a Titanium Back a...

Should I revive them....

I have an emotional attachment with my longterm wrist buddies EF-334(Brown) and EF-500(White) now defunct. Although EF-334 came later I have used EF-5...

Winston Churchill's Rolex

As I am a History Buff the one past time I enjoy nowadays is audible books on Amazon. I have started recently to listen to Churchill: Walking with Des...

An old Hamilton Ad....from June 1940

The price range then was from $37.50 to $5,000 (Ad from National Geographic Magazine June 1940)