Do you have price increase fatigue?

More and more watch brands increase their MSRP these days, and many increase their prices way more than the inflation. I guess they need to finance their Champagne Events and management's salary. We have seen several examples of greed the recent years (e.g. OneWatch, etc). Are YOU tired of financing the ever going greed shown by watch manufacturers? I know I am. How about you? BTW: Watches & Wonders is just around the corner...
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Not just watches. Really, it鈥檚 all the corporate profiteering.

Personally I try to buy used most times. Two if a dying brand bleeding money or not caring about their future buyers making their watches more of a private club. I'm OK with that... if I have to give my money to Aliexpress and Invicta then cool. Personally I pay no mind nor do I care.



Grey Market:




If corporations are not paying attention well....

It's mental, mind you as said above its not just watches馃樀鈥嶐煉馃槷鈥嶐煉

We as consumers pay for watch brands management expenses - and partly indirectly journalists spending. It all make sense in some perverse way, but lately things have gotten out of hand. The greed has entered into a silly level. Personally, I'm done with financing pretentious people in the industry, and just focus on those parts of the industry that still communicate to us as consumers. Without us, the industry is RIP. Spend your time and money wisely.

Browsing watches in 2024


For the few brands that can get it awesome, for those with aspirational pricing strategies, they are going to hurt.

My brands keep the prices firm.