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New Piece En-Route

I’ve been waiting for my Serica 6190 for a few weeks now, and it looks like I’ll have it today! Very excited! I’ll share some photos and thoughts here...

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commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

How would a laptop magnetize a watch?

commented on How often do you use the chrono function in real life? ·

Almost never, but I recently picked up a Nezumi chrono with a telemetry scale around the outside of the dial and now I’m ready to hit that button as soon as I see a flash of lightning.

commented on Wait is over! Nomos Club Campus 38 Electric Green! ·

Both eye-catching and tasteful. 👌

commented on What’s on your other wrist? ·

Didn’t know they were still making those. I wore one for quite a while a few years ago, but have since lost it & forgotten all about them. Thanks for the reminder. Just might pick another one up.

commented on What’s on your other wrist? ·


commented on New Piece En-Route ·

Thanks! I was never charged VAT because I bought from their website. Their site says they have a VAT-refund form for the non-EU customers who make a purchase in their Paris boutique. I bought on the 25th of January. At that time, their site said expected shipping would be “mid February.” Mine shipped out Feb 23rd and was delivered on the 26th.

commented on New Piece En-Route ·

First thoughts: Not a shred of disappointment. I’m really happy I bought this. It’s beautiful, unique, and extremely comfortable. The feel of the screw-down crown is very confidence inspiring. Too early to say for sure, but I feel like this will be a fixture in my collection for many years to come.