Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and I recently started my watch collection.

I've been wearing watches since I was a kid and, after a couple of years of wearing an Apple Watch, I wanted to get back into wearing traditional watches.

I'm very excited to start my own collection and see which timepieces are recommended for someone who's starting!




Welcome to WC. 聽One thing we aren't short on is ideas, there are literally hundreds of people who would love to share their oppinions.

Welcome to the safe space for watch nerds.


I would definitely recommend a wonderfully refurbished vintage Seiko 5. Or maybe a Citizen Eagle 7... like this one which will be on eBay very soon... (There's no shame at all) 馃ぃ


Hello and welcome!

Seiko 5 Sports GMT (RRP 拢400 but can be had for less)

Tissot PRX 40mm (RRP 拢565 but can be had for less)

Almost any steel watch from Christopher Ward in their light catcher case (e.g. 35mm Sealander on bracelet 拢770)

Welcome and hi, Seiko 5 a good place to start, lots of different styles and choices for a relatively decent price. Cant go wrong with a Casio/Citizen either. Lots of other great brands also but that is my opinion. If you have a larger budget then the list gets exponentially bigger.

Welcome,have a look around and decide on what style you like. And you'll get lots of great advice on here (most will be too big or too expensive 馃榾) but you will be able to compare and get wrist shots and ideas for watches you'd probably never considered, it's a great resource and we love to talk, discuss and share.

Welcome! There are so many different factors when considering how to build your collection (lifestye, wrist size, personal preference etc)聽

My advice is:

  1. Do your research
  2. 聽try the watch on (if possible)
  3. 聽buy what you will wear and enjoy. Don鈥檛 worry about what others think.聽