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Tokyo Visit - Any Suggestions?

I am fortunate enough to be taking a trip to Tokyo soon. Any recommendations for any must-visit * watch * related activities in the city? My itinerary...
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mikemike commented on 5kx? ·

You have great taste!

mikemike commented on CWC G10-My writeup (not a review, honest) ·

Fantastic not-review.   Thanks, I really enjoyed reading that. 

mikemike commented on February Fool's Day - Badge Help ·

I have the same issue!

mikemike commented on Watches and Wonders 2023 ·

I'm interested to see what will be launched. They have public days this year - I can't make it this year but could be one for the calendar, next year?

mikemike commented on Ostrich Leg Strap Just arrived! ·

That's a very striking looking strap. Is it comfortable to wear?

mikemike commented on Vacation duo ·

Brilliant duo of watches. Good to know about CNS upgrading their NATO straps - looks like I'll have to put another order in 😀

mikemike commented on Hey, Everyone! ·

Great collection. You’ve covered a lot of bases there.