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commented on HooliganIX's WRUW

Beautiful machine 馃槏

commented on arronmini's WRUW

No this is a SPB297 save the ocean edition.

It has the 6R35 caliber that lots have issues with, I seem to have got lucky as mine is running about +7s per day.

commented on BowlOfSalmon's WRUW

Nice... Where can I get that nato? 馃榿

commented on AnalogExplorer's WRUW

A Clive Cussler Doxa! Very cool 馃槑

commented on arronmini's WRUW

Thanks I really didn't need another diver but I'm going to sell off some others now that I got this.

I got it at such a great price I couldn't leave it behind 馃ぃ

If only the bracelet was better.