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commented on Which one is better?

Oris is a better watch, 5 days PR is unbeatable.

But the Oris price is double of Longines in my country, so I pick Longines.

commented on Date complication

I wore seiko 5 as an workday watch before I got a Blackbay. I do miss day date from time to time, glad i'm not alone.

But no I wouldn't bought a Blackbay in the first place if there is a day or date.

commented on Who here counts TUDOR as one of their favorite watch ?? brands?

I'd called myself a Blackbay enjoyer 馃槄

commented on Is Alba worth it?

Alba is a good watch for it price. If you want to invest go buy stocks go buy gold go buy bitcoin, make profits and come back to buy watches 馃ぃ

Real now, seiko chrono will loss less value if you sell it second hand. Seiko secondhand market is pretty strong anywhere in the world.

Alba is so cheap I don't know why would I buy used, unless it like 70% off.