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Santiago, Chile
6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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Hi i’m making this post because i need help and i think that my fellow watch geeks can help me. I’ve had this watch for 3 years and i’de love to reign...

What are your thoughts on Titanium watches?

This Boldr field medic is my first titanium watch and ever since i got it i became obsessed with this material. I find it amusing the weight that it b...

My Friend’s Grandpa’s Watch

A friend of mine told me that his grandpa had a very old watch and i thought it was just a watch. Then he showed me and i was stunned for the amazing...

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commented on What’s the “coolest” watch brand? ·

I came to the watch world thanks to the Hamilton. I felt in love with the khaki automatic 38, it is my grail watch and i cant wait to get my hands on one

commented on New Seiko Alpinist GMT models are out ⛰🌄 ·

Love it

commented on DrFernando's WRUW ·

Great watch man

commented on a post ·

Khaki King

commented on What model is this? ·

Very nice watch

commented on Dilema ·

Thats a great idea, thanks

commented on Dilema ·

I was thinking a mesh bracelet… since my wrist is small ans diving bracket or jubilee would look wierd