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NWA - Orient Mako Chronograph, Black

This just came in today. Really happy with it, got a good deal on Jomashop and the watch feels like it is 5x the price. The Speedtimer from Seiko is w...

Japanese DJ? Grand Seiko SBGX263 on jubilee

I've seen a number of posts online talking about the 37mm Grand seiko SBGX series, and the desire for a compatible aftermarket bracelet. Uploading thi...

Quartz only SOTC!

Hey team, first post here, but lurked for a while. Great site. Wanted to share my collection - which is quartz only. I've owned a variety of automatic...

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commented on Union Glasshütte thoughts ? ·

I think their 34mm vero can make for a lesser known but still great GADA, or dress watch, depending on the configuration you choose.

commented on I’ve wanted a PANDA for a while! NWA🥳🎉🎊🍻 ·

I recently sold my seiko speedtimer golden panda, for the all-black variant of the Orient Mako chronograph you ordered. No regrets whatsoever.

commented on Video game watches ·

Far Cry 6 was an awesome game.

commented on Not sold watches on Chrono24 before. How’s everyone’s experience selling? ·

I've sold about 6 watches on Chrono24. Managed to sell everything fairly quickly. Need to appear trustworthy as a private seller as most (me included) would be willing to pay a slight premium to buy from a brick and mortar/professional dealer. I find the escrow feature in particular adds significant peace of mind.

commented on Not sold watches on Chrono24 before. How’s everyone’s experience selling? ·

Drop the price.

commented on 4 Watch Collection update ·

Nice collection man

commented on Popular Watches in your region? ·

In Australia, Tag is pretty popular also