Opinions on Islander watches??

I've been trying to be discipline and not buy watches just too buy them but I visited the Long Island Watch site today and two of thier own brand watches looked really really good too me! I was looking at the Islander Bayport dive watch and the Islander Monster homage with the abalone dial! I'm not a fortune teller but I can't honestly ever see myself dropping the money required to get a Tudor BB and the Bayport has a similar kind of look too it which I really like. The monster has a beautiful dial and really cool shark tooth like indices though I'm not a huge fan of the case. Anyways was just wondering about some opinions on LIW. Me being new too this hobby I've only purchased watches from the big hitter Japanese brands because of how many people love them. Not nearly as familiar with Long Island.


I personally think they are a great value and pretty cool. They have something for everyone. I have two and am quite pleased.

I also am interested in Islander watches. I like what I鈥檝e seen of the owner on YouTube, especially his colabs with TGV. Marc seems like a nice, honest guy and I鈥檓 definitely going to buy at least one Islander. Where I think he鈥檚 taken a bit of a lead in the price points he has offered watches in are clasp design. Islander currently has several sub $400 watches that have bracelets with adjustable clasps. Now, I could be wrong, but i think he鈥檚 the first to offer this feature at this price point, on a GMT no less.

Best small watch company there is with his pricing. Best customer service in the business. Awesome selection I have two. I emailed the owner Marc asking about a rubber strap at like 4:30 in the morning and he sent a wrist shot back ten minutes later. No one treats their customers that well. 馃寛

Marc @ LongIsland is one of the best. Seriously, pretty sure he has helped most of us enthusiasts with advice, video reviews, and just being a good natured watch guy.

Love his stuff. Hoping he makes an Ameri Quartz with a slightly smaller case size eventually.

Looked for this one forever and finally found on ebay. Marc's ode to the mini turtle AND the SPORK, with the crown at the best place to boot.


The worst thing about Long Island watches is that they do a rewards system now. Which leads to more watches 馃槅馃捀

The cases and bracelets are 馃敟. The only thing I actually dislike is the lume. Not a fan of BGW9.

However, if you are in the market for a Monster homage, look at Heimdallr. 1/2 the price at most and excellent quality.

They're fantastic machines. This is the ISL-116 Southold that I purchased in 2022. It's a robust, great looking watch, either on its bracelet or an aftermarket strap.


Here are the two Islanders I own: the Brookville and the Islander x Hemel Hawkeye collaboration.


Good watches from an honest company. Great customer service as well.

Great value, built better than the older Seikos. Sapphire, ceramic bezel, hand wind and automatic, hacking. All the particular bells and whistles are in place.