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7.25โ€ / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Nivada Grenchen quality?

I think the looks and the history of the Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctica are pretty cool. I canโ€™t seem to find any thorough reviews about their movem...

Steel or Bronze

A lot of watches are coming out with bronze versions. One simple question. Why?

Traveling- take quality or a beater?

In spring 2024 I will be traveling in Europe. The question I have is, should I bring one of my better watches or a beater? I was even considering buyi...

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commented on CityZen's WRUW ยท

Makes me sad my bike is in winter storage!! Thanks for sharing! Ride on Snoopy

commented on Nivada Grenchen quality? ยท

Thank you for the feedback

commented on Visiting Hamiltonโ€™s First North American Boutique ยท

Thank you

commented on Watch randomly stops working? ยท

It sounds like you are only wearing a day here and a day there. I wonder if it is getting fully wound?

commented on best watch under AU$2K for 2023 ยท

Almost the entire Hamilton line is under $2k. From field watches to dress watches, for that kind of money you can get at least a couple Hamiltons.

commented on What is your perfect winter watch? ยท

I bought this for winter 2023-2024. Somehow it brings a little comfort and warmth to the already cold New England days.

When the sun hits the dial just right, it sparkles.

commented on Suttonwood's WRUW ยท

32 mm is way underrated for men.

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