Nivada Grenchen quality?

I think the looks and the history of the Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctica are pretty cool. I can鈥檛 seem to find any thorough reviews about their movement or the quality for money? Is there anyone out there that can tell me more or point me in the direction of some thorough reviews? If you own one, would you buy it again? If so, why?


I had 6 nivada watches and sold 3 of them, the designs are some of my favorite watches but the movements and QC are not. 2 watches came with problems straight out of the box. The customer service was stellar and the watches were replaced/serviced at no cost, but with an waiting time of 10 weeks this was still a huge bummer. So would i buy again? Depends on the model and movement i guess :P

I had to send the first one that they sent me back. The new one came with the wrong bracelet. They replaced the bracelet. Customer service was polite and prompt, but you hope that you never have to use them.

It is among my most worn watches. I have no complaints about the Soprod movement. Here is a review that I wrote a while back.

Peter Kosta has some stellar reviews of Nivada Grenchen on his YouTube channel- I would say check those out. 馃榿

Thank you for the feedback

Great re-release of vintage watches but QC is horrible. Ordered 2 CASDs, one arrived with issues and was eventually replaced. Whole process took 3 months

The other one arrived with a loose caseback and one of the chrono hands being installed so close to the dial that it鈥檚 scraping it.

Really like their stuff but am put off by both of the experiences now