Project update. Prototypes are ready

the 36mm and the 40mm. Steel case, stupid big sapphire crystals with blue AR, nh35s, no lume anywhere and leather straps. Ready for "production" Testing is over. Now another 37 more to go for my staff. Personally, I like the white and since it is matte, it is less likely to mark or scratch as I place the watch hands on. But the black seems to look more elegant. It will be a mix of both I am thinking.

I agree with you on the white matte dial. From a size perspective I'd probably trend towards that 36mm, but that's just a personal preference.

Maybe it's the blue AR combined with the black dial, but I think there's an interesting depth and effect there I really like. Are these dials custom in a batch? Or how do you go about getting your custom text applied like this?